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A Message from the SGT President

Welcome to the Ohio State University chapter of Sigma Gamma Tau, the national honor society for aerospace engineering. Our chapter is primarily a service organization dedicated to the identification and recognition of students who are a credit to the aerospace profession. Chapter members have been selected based on personal and professional achievement, character, and commitment to upholding the ideals of the organization. Members participate in a number of activities, including peer tutoring, mentoring, hosting prospective students, and serving on academic committees.

Each year, the chapter organizes the Aerospace Department Banquet in conjunction with the student chapter of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), during which new members are inducted. In addition, the banquet serves as a celebration of our department's rich legacy and bright future. Past guest speakers have included senator and astronaut John Glenn, as well as the renowned aerospace engineering educator Dr. John Anderson. Sigma Gamma Tau also coordinates the selection of a faculty member for the Outstanding Teaching Award, which is announced at the department banquet.

In addition to the recognition of excellancy within the student body, the organization exists to promote fellowship among aerospace engineering students. In conjunction with AIAA, we organize several social activities, such as the annual AIAA-SGT football game, held each spring

Check back often for news and updates from our chapter!

Robert Rizzuto
President, Sigma Gamma Tau
The Ohio State University

Member News

August 26, 2015

We'll be having our first general meeting of the year on Tuesday 9/6 at 6 PM in Scott Lab 140. I will be distributing SGT certificates to those of you who were inducted last Spring.

For those of you who were inducted in SP15, your certificates have not actually been purchased from SGT national. They made a mistake and did not cash our payment or send us the certificates, and SGT does not currently have the money to order them due to previous years' accounting errors (including not getting our half of the SGT/AIAA banquet ticket sales), but we will hopefully be able to order those in the coming months.

Our most important objective is arranging volunteers for the Engineering Expo, which is 9/20-21. This year, although they are not selling programs (digital copies only, but now they are free), they will still be printing name badges in the usual place (199 Hitchcock, just outside ECS) starting 9/14. This provides an enormous amount of potential funding through E-Council: I believe roughly $60 per hour up to a certain cap. In the coming weeks, we will also set up tutor room hours for the AAE 2200 class and I will be looking for a couple people each week to volunteer for that--we don't get funding for this, but it's our most important outreach by far. We will also be exploring other means of funding in the future.

I'd like to invite brainstorming and see what ideas people have in our first meeting. There were a number of good ideas that people in our most recent initiation group gave in their applications, such as offering information sessions and mentorships. The current AAE 2200 class has 160 students, roughly 90% of whom are pre-AAE, so we have a lot of potential to gain interest and membership in the coming years. Additionally, when we met with the Purdue SGT chapter last year, we learned that they compile a resume book that they distribute to companies, using alumni connections. I plan on discussing the implementation of that with Dr. Gregory as well in the future, and I hope that SGT can add a number of new programs and functions because it hasn't been very active for the last few years. For the time being, we have much more pressing issues (we have $93 in the bank and need $400 to get the member certificates from two years ago).